A collection of exuberant prints by Los Angeles designer Schuyler Samperton.

“I’ve been passionate about textiles for as long as I can remember, so having my own collection is a dream come true,” says Los Angeles interior designer Schuyler Samperton.

Schuyler grew up in Washington, DC the daughter of an award-winning architect, and later studied art history and decorative arts at Trinity College, NYU and Parsons School of Design. Her fabric designs are inspired by everything from centuries-old textile documents to the vibrant Indian patterns found in her mother’s scarves and her father’s pocket squares. “I gravitate towards fabrics that look old and exotic with a handmade quality,” Schuyler says. “And fresh, unexpected color combinations always draw me in.”

Part of the fun of designing her own collection was rummaging through the textiles she’s collected since her teens: vintage susanis, Moroccan tent borders, antique Japanese kimonos, remnants of English chintz, etc.

“I love color and even in a neutral space, I definitely inject texture,” says Schuyler. “I want my own fabrics to look bold, exuberant and different - the kinds of things you wouldn’t find anywhere else but were always looking for. Saturated and unusual are my guiding principles, but the collection is tightly curated too,” Schuyler adds. “Every shade and pattern has a friend in the line.”

Visit schuylersampertontextiles.com for more info!

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